The situation with the family of Brother Eraño G. Manalo continues to escalate. A lot has happened since the last entry was posted. The brethren that chose to stay around and help the family are not only harassed and persecuted but are now expelled. Many have lost their homes.
   During a very recent video ministerial conference, Brother Eduardo admitted that he doesn’t like to get angry and because of this, he delegates people to do it for him.  This statement is disturbing especially coming from a religious leader and it confirms that he is allowing these ministers to launch various attacks against Ka Tenny and her children. As we are all witnessing, the results of his decision are detrimental to the lives of his own mother and siblings. He has given authority to a group of high ranking ministers to do as they please to deal with his mother and siblings.
   For over three years now, there have been cars  and motorcycles that are instructed to follow and harass the family wherever they go.  The drivers of the vehicles are becoming more aggressive as to provoke the families into accidents. There are District Ministers that are using their political influence  and are now coordinating with outside organizations to follow the  family of Brother Eraño G. Manalo in an unfriendly malicious way. This is a serious and very real threat to their lives, and the very people who they would turn to, to help them are the very people behind these events. So they earnestly plead for help from our Almighty God as there is no one else they can turn to. That is why they have no choice but to call on the brethren for help.  With the people in the administration having influence politically, they are taking advantage of the teaching that brethren cannot sue brethren. They feel they have the right to do anything they please like for example: stalking, intimidation and harassment.  This is abuse of power. God did not put them in their duties to abuse their powers to persecute brethren. He put them there to lead His people to righteousness. This does not mean they have the right to do anything they so desire. We are all under the law of God.
   Even brethren that express concern and prayers are now being threatened with expulsion. Who are behind these threats and decisions? Who are the people who benefit most from this schism that is continuously being instigated? There is a group of people that are causing this division and doing everything in their power to make sure the family stay divided. This is not the spirit of Christ.
   Are there doubts looming in your minds to the authenticity of these blog postings? Some are saying they want to wait for an “official circular” to confirm or deny these postings. If there is an official response regarding this matter, it will be a sanitized biased response that only defends and reflects the administration in power.  They will only tell you their side of the story and of course it will conveniently be in their favor.
   It is true, that God did place them to administer the Church, but that does not mean they have the right to violate any rights of the members. It does not mean they have the authority to do anything they want. They should be the first to follow the commandments of God, not abuse their authority.
   Please reflect on these words. Ask yourself if all their actions are biblical. Not only the hostile acts against Brother EGM’s family, but the many changes that we are all witnessing in the Church. Are the changes really for God’s glory? Please think hard. We became members of this Church because all our doctrines and beliefs had very clear and concise explanations. Everything was spoken for with transparency. Where is that transparency now?
   Brethren, the administration has strayed from God’s teachings. It is becoming undeniably more evident as the days pass. An administration that condones violence is not under the guidance of God. Our almighty God is not a God of division and confusion. Our Almighty God is a God of unity and love. Where did all of that go? Why does the corruption in the Church continue to worsen as more questions are left unanswered? Why are innocent people’s lives being threatened? We should not condone this kind of behavior.
We cannot turn our heads the other way and deny the wrong being done. If we do, we will be held responsible to God for knowing what is right and  supporting an administration who continues in their evil ways.
   They need your help. You must not allow this kind of abuse to continue:
“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”
 (‭James‬ ‭4‬:‭17‬ N.I.V.)

A Call For Help: Open letter to the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo

Brethren, it’s high time you hear the truth about how the Administration is persecuting the widow of our late Bro. EGM, Sis. Tenny, her children, and grandchildren. It has been 5 years that EVM has completely cut them out of his life. His mother and siblings have tried everything to talk to him and plead for a chance to see him, but they are never given the time or opportunity to meet with him. Every time they call, they are given the run around. Time came that their access to be able to call him directly was terminated. They’ve been forbidden to visit the burial site of Bro. EGM. Ka Tenny’s meager allowance as a minister’s widow has also been cut off. She now has no means of financial support. The current Administration also discourages anyone to give any kind of love or support towards his mother and her family and threatens anyone who does with expulsion. In fact, there are already dozens of brethren that have been expelled for this reason alone. The list continues to grow.

There’s a verse in the bible, Ephesians 6:1-4
“Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise: 3If you honor your father and mother, “things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth.”

Presently, Ka Tenny and her family are vulnerable and have no protection and they fear for their lives. The current administration has driven out all their helpers from their homes and threatened to expel anyone who would stay to help them. In fact, he expelled those brethren who want to give them help. There are even ministers that know the situation is going on and they are turning a blind eye or maybe they too fear that if they spoke up, they would be disciplined and punished. What’s even worse is there are Ministers who are aggravating the situation by helping persecute Ka Erdy’s family. They know it’s wrong because they’re the ones who are preaching the words of God during our days of worship.

What are they plotting to do with Ka EGM’s family? Just what do they want to do with Ka Tenny? Why did they cut off their internet connection and telephone lines? Do they take pleasure in hurting these people? Is this the way of God? Is this humane? Is this in accordance to our doctrines? Is this biblical? Why doesn’t our Administrator want to talk to his mother? his siblings? Why does he go out of his way to avoid them?

Parents, would you want your very own children to do this to you? Would you be able to handle it?

Brethren, this is a plea to please wake up. Let’s not allow this to continue. Let’s help Ka Tenny and her family. They really need our help and our support.

We are calling out all the Ministers that are allowing themselves to be used as instruments in persecuting, harrassing, bullying, and intimidating Ka Tenny and her family. They took part in taking away the livelihood of many brethren that wanted to stay and help her family and for those who chose to stay, are now expelled. Jun Santos, Radel Cortez, Gerry Purificacion, Matt Pareja, Erdi Codera et al…. Is that what the Ministry taught you? To persecute brethren and follow wrong teachings that are against God’s will? And then you stand before the brethren preaching but not practicing what you preach?

Brethren, the lessons are often about allowing our FAITH to grow. Are they doing this? Let our LOVE grow… Are they showing love this way?

Please help them. Please ask questions, this can all be confirmed. This is very real. We need to speak up!!

Let’s keep in mind the theme for this year:

Faith, LOVE, and Hope

Attention to all the ministers turning a blind eye:

Galatians 1:6-10 NIV

No Other Gospel

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!

10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Para sa Mga Ministro nagbubulag bulagan:

Mga Taga-Galacia 1:6-10

Walang Ibang Ebanghelyo

Ako ay namamangha sa kaparaanan kung bakit napakadali ninyong lumayo mula sa tumawag sa inyo sa biyaya ni Cristo patungo sa kakaibang uri ng ebanghelyo. Hindi ito talagang kakaibang ebanghelyo maliban na may ilang mga tao na gumugulo sa inyo. Ibig nilang palitan ang ebanghelyo ni Cristo. Subalit kahit kami o isang anghel man na mula sa langit ay mangaral ng ebanghelyo na salungat sa ipinapangaral namin sa inyo, sumpain nawa siya ng Diyos. Gaya ng nasabi na namin noong una pa, sasabihin ko ulit ngayon: Kung ang sinuman ay nangangaral nang salungat sa ebanghelyo na inyong natanggap, sumpain nawa siya ng Diyos.

10 Sapagkat hinihikayat ko ba ngayon ang mga tao o ang Diyos? Ako ba ay naghahangad upang magbigay-lugod sa mga tao? Ito ay sapagkat kung sa mga tao pa ako nagbibigay-lugod, hindi na ako dapat maging alipin ni Cristo.

Tulungan po Natin Sila

Mga Kapatid, Panahon na para malaman ninyo na ang Kapatid na Tenny at ang kaniyang mga anak at mga apo ay inuusing ng Pamamahala. Mahigit na 5 taon na hindi sila kinakausap at hindi sila pinapansing ng kasalukuyang Pamamahala. Lahat na ng paraan ay kanilang ginawa upang maka-uasap ang Kapatid na EVM ngunit lagi silang bigo, Nariyan na pag tumawag sila ay ipinapasa sila kung kani-kanino upang di maka-uasap ang EVM. Dumating din ang panahon na pinutol din ang linya ng telepono nila na direktang makakatawag sana sa EVM. Pinagbawalan din sila na mapuntahan ang puntod ng yumaong kapatid na EGM. Hindi na rin ibinibnigay ang tulong ng Ka. Tenny bilang biyuda ng Ka. Erdy na nararapat sa kanya. Ayaw din ng kasalukuyang pamamahala na na may nagmamahal sa pamilya ng Ka Tenny at sa Ka Tenny mismo at yung mga nagmamahal dito ay kanilang ginigipit hanggang sa dumating sa sila ay itiwalag sa Iglesia.

Malinawag na nakasulat sa Biblia na dapat nating igalang ang ating Ama’t Ina, ito ang unang utosa na may pangako ng DIYOS. (efe. 6:1-4)

Sa ngayon ay wala na ring nakatalagang security sa Ka Tenny at pamilya na sa ganitong kalagayan ay nasa panganib ang kanilang buhay. Inalis na rin ng Pamamahala ang kanilang mga kasambahay, mga drivers, hardinero at iba pa. May mga Ministro na nakakaalam ng kanilang sitwasyon subalit nagbubulag-bulagan o di kaya’y natatakot na kapag sila ay nagsalita ay sila ang balingan at patawan ng parusa. At ang lalong masakit ay may mga Ministro na napapakasangkapan upang apihin ang pamilya ng Ka Erdy. Alam nilang mali ang kanilang ginagawang pang-aapi sa pamilya ng Ka Erdy dahil sila ang mga nangunguna sa atin na nagtuturo ng mga salita ng Diyos lalo na sa araw ng mga pagsamba.

Ano ang balak nilang gawin sa pamilya ng Ka Erdy? sa Ka Tenny? Bakit pati mga telepono at internet connectiona ay pinutol na rin nila? Masaya ba sila sa tuwing sinasaktan nila ang mga ito? Makatao pa ba ito? Maka-Diyos? Aral pa ba ito ng Diyos? Doktrina ba ito? Nasa Biblia ba ito? Nasaan ang pag-ibig? Bakit ayaw ng Pamamahala na kausapin ang kanyang Ina? Ang kaniyang mga kapatid? Bakit patuloy niyang itinataboy sila papalayo?

Mga magulang, nais nyo bang gawin din sa inyo ng sarili nyong anak ang mga bagay na ito? Makakaya nyo kaya?

Mga kapatid gumising tayo. Wag tayong pumayag na magpatuloy ito. Tulungan po nating ang Kapatid na Tenny at ang kanyang pamilya. Kailangan nila ang tulong natin.

Nananawagan kami sa mga Ministro na napapakasangkapan sa pang-aapi sa Ka. Tenny at sa kaniyang mga anak at apo, sa mga nag-alis sa mga tao sa kanilang mga trabaho dahil sa naging malapit sa pamilya ng Ka EGM.

Jun Santos, Radel Cortez, Gerry Purificacion, Matt Pareja, Erdi Codera et al…. Yan ba ang natutuhan nyo sa Ministeryo ang mang-api ng kapatid at sumunod sa maling utos lalo na ang labag sa utos ng Diyos? Kanino kayo mas natatakot, sa tao ba o sa Diyos? Tapos tatayo kayo sa kapulungan ng kapatid at mangangaral ng mga bagay na kayo mismo ang hindi gumagawa…

Mga kapatid, itinuturo nila lagi sa pagsamba na palaguin ang pananampalataya. Ginagawa ba nila ito? Palaguin ang pag-ibig. Umiibig ba sila?

Tulungan po natin ang pamilya ng ka Tenny!!!

Alalahanin ang tema ng taong ito…

Faith, LOVE and Hope